When I pulled into the parking lot, there were maybe two or three cars. "Where is everybody" was my first thought. This is September, right? I didn't miss a memo.

One of my favorite traditions since moving here back in the day has been to stop at least once (or twice) at VerHage's Cider Mill on ML Ave in lovely "in the middle of nowhere". Its address is Kalamazoo, and it's just east of 4th St. on ML Ave.

So after parking, a ventured in. There were a couple of older fellas there and I asked. The one said poured me a new gallon of cider, while the other gentleman said "its the first day". Ahhh. And he went on to say, there's a lot going on today. "You've got the car show at the fairgrounds, and the Wine and Harvest Festival in Paw Paw going on".

But this was perfect for me, as I just want to pick up my gallon or two of cider and maybe a doughnut and go. And being the first Saturday of the season is nice, too, as the cider is just a tad less sweet, which is the way I like it.. Anyway, happy cider season in West Michigan, everyone.

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