Extreme heat and severe storms have left many residents in West Michigan in the dark.  When will the power be back?

Saturday around 1 PM power went out in my neighborhood in Kalamazoo near Parchment.  Almost 2 full days later we are still in the dark along with an estimated 60,000 Consumers Energy customers in West Michigan.

One thing that seem odd about this particular outage is that it's actually thousands of outages spread through out West Michigan.

When you click here and look at the outage map you can see very tiny clusters around Kalamazoo with larger clusters of residents without electricity around Plainwell, Shelbyville and Hickory Corners.

The good news?  Consumers Energy is aware of the issues and they have crews working around the clock to fix the problems.

The bad news?  Most of West Michigan can expect to be without power until 11:30 PM, Tuesday, July 23rd.

Please take time to check in on friends and family during this outage.  It's HOT out there.

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