Recently, an event happened at Muskegon Community College, that can hep us all if we get in a pickle!

According to

"Muskegon County Assistant Public Defender Charles Ayres, Muskegon Director of Public Safety Jeffrey Lewis and Muskegon Heights Sergeant Marvin Petty were on a panel led by MCC professor Nicholas Budinrir on how to handle traffic stops."

The article was informative and offered advice on how things should be handled for both parties to create a good outcome.

Here Are The Tips Given...

  1. Be Prepared - When are pulled over, you should have easy access to vital information such as proof of insurance, registration, etc. A handy tip they offered is too keep the papers in an envelope that is easy accessible!
  2. Be Calm - Everyone is nervous when they are pulled over, but breath deep and reboot. Most incidences occur because people can not keep their cool and allow the officer to do his job.
  3. Be Courteous - Maintain respect for the office and remember the saying your Mother taught you..."If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything!"
  4. Comply Now, Comply Later - When in the situation of being pulled over, follow the officer's requests. If you feel that policies or producers were handled wrong, you can discuss this when the situation has come to a close.
  5. Know Your Rights - You need to comply with Officers, but know your personal rights. (Maybe there is a book 'Traffic Stops For Dummies', just a thought...).

The tips and thoughts provided by the panel where very helpful but I wanted to deep a tad deeper and discover other tips that might improve a traffic stop for everyone involved! At they listed...

10 Great Tips If You Are Pulled Over...

  1. Acknowledge The Officer By Turning On Your Flashers - This lets the officer know that you see him and are planning on pulling over.
  2. Pull Over To A Safe Area - If you can find a well lit side street or parking lot, that is the best place to stop. Otherwise look for a wide shoulder on the road; safety first for you and the officer.
  3. Stay In The Car - If you get out of the car as soon as you stop, the officer may think you are being aggressive.
  4. Turn Off The Engine, Roll Down The Window, And If It Is Dark, Turn On The Dome Light - This allows the officer to see what is happening in the vehicle.
  5. Stay Calm - It's common to feel nervous when being pulled over, so just take a few deep breaths and relax. If you have not done anything criminal, it most likely just a routine traffic stop.
  6. Stay Still And Keep Your Hands On The Steering Wheel - By keeping your hands on the steering wheel, you are showing the officer that you are not a threat and willing to cooperate.
  7. Don't Argue - the road is not the place to fight a ticket, take it to court and let a judge hear what you have to say.
  8. You Don't Have To Consent To A Search - If the officer does not have probable cause to search the car, he may ask for your consent to search the vehicle, but it is in your best interest to decline the search. Even if you think there isn't anything incriminating for the officer to discover, don't take the chance that a friend left a beer can in the backseat.
  9. If You Are Carrying A Gun, Let The Officer Know - Officers are allowed to ask to hold the weapon until the traffic stop is over.
  10. Be Civil - No one likes getting pulled over, but showing respect for officer and communicating in a positive manner is important.

Finally, On A Good Note, Michigan DID NOT make a "worst list"! created a list of the...

10 Worst Cities For Traffic In The United States...

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • New York City
  • Seattle
  • San Jose
  • Honolulu
  • Miami
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Portland, Ore.
  • Chicago

Bottom line, if you obey the traffic laws, you never have to worry about any of this!


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