August 16th, 1:15 p.m. - Police are currently surrounding a home in Kalamazoo in a standoff situation.

Tuesday, at around noon, a large police presence was reported outside a home near Race Street and Clinton Avenue. Authorities were wearing protective vests and armed with long guns.

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At this time, police are asking people to avoid the area while they secure the area.

Photos and video from local news sources show dozens of officers and at least one armored vehicle in the area. The armored vehicle is parked on Clinton Avenue, pointed at a single home, with police behind it.

According to witnesses, police could be heard shouting over a loudspeaker:

"We may break down doors, we may break down windows... We will take all these steps necessary to come inside and arrest you. you can prevent all of these things from happening if you come outside now with your hands up in the air."

The standoff is an ongoing situation, and at this time, police are not disclosing why they are at the home, or who the suspect, or suspects might be.

This isn't the first standoff this year authorities have dealt with in Kalamazoo.

A 47-year-old man was arrested in Charleston Township on July 18th. He reportedly fired shots in the air during an hour-long standoff near E. MN Avenue and 39th Street.

Authorities also responded to a standoff at a Motel 6 near Wings Arena in Kalamazoo in June. That incident ended with another man arrested after a five-hour standoff.

As more information is available about this story, we will update this story.

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