Over the past few weeks we've seen many cities across the U.S. stand in solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement, and many different forms of spreading that message expressed throughout the city. Two weekends ago, many artists took to the Kalamazoo Mall to express their art on the boards which protected the windows of local businesses. There is even rumor that once the boards are removed they'll be saved as a mural.

In Washington D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser unveiled a large street banner reading "BLACK LIVES MATTER" painted in massive yellow letters on the road leading to the White House. Over the weekend, the same message was delivered on a street in Jackson, MI. Many people feel this message needs to be brought to the streets of Kalamazoo.

One group on Facebook feels the time is right for us to share this message in Downtown Kalamazoo, asking members what street or road it should be painted on. Many responses included:

  • Rose Street downtown or West Michigan downtown
  • West Main Hill
  • Park Street going into downtown
  • Sprinkle Road could use it too. Maybe the main drag downtown too.
  • Vine St.
  • South Street right along Bronson Park or Michigan Ave right where the Kalamazoo mall crosses.
  • South Street in front of the Park!
  • Between Civic Theatre and Bronson Park
  • Downtown near the courthouse and also Howard near WMU.
  • W. Michigan in front of the courthouse

The city has granted approval for a downtown location. The organizers are looking now for a local, Black artist do the artwork.

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