Following the death of George Floyd in May of 2020, artists around Kalamazoo created and installed artwork throughout the city that became part of our city's backdrop for several months. They seemed to appear overnight; colorful signs begging the world not to forget and bringing with them messages of hope. I passed by the painting of Breonna Taylor and Floyd on the gates of Arcadia Creek on my way home from work every day. Rain or shine, those canvases stood, calling silent attention to the systemic problem of racism within our society.

Then suddenly, they were gone, as if their lease was somehow up. My commute home felt stark, and I wondered what became of those symbols of protest and hope. It should be no surprise that the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo has found a way to archive these pieces of Kalamazoo history. They recently shared on their Facebook page, a collage that consists of, quote, "many amazing artists of color in our Southwest Michigan community."

Photographed by local photographer Keith Mumma, the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo is asking for your help in identifying the artists responsible for these posters to "give you proper recognition." They ask, quote:

If you are an artist that contributed to the creation of one (or more) of these murals, we would love to identify your work, connect with you, and give you proper recognition. Please email your name, contact info, and which mural(s) you created to

Kalamazoo Mall Black Lives Matter Murals

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