The classic MAC rivalry is upon us. Western Michigan University VS. Central Michigan University. The challenge started back in 1907 and has continued to this day. Not only are bragging rights on the line put another notch on the 'ol cannon'. This is true. According to 

A cannon, which represents the cannons that are fired at both CMU's Kelly/Shorts Stadium and WMU's Waldo Stadium, sits atop the trophy and each of the schools' wins are noted on both sides.

The Cannon trophy is rather new to the two teams, it has only been awarded since 2008. Yet, the passion to be the victor in this game runs deep. We here in Bronco territory have the bragging rights for the greatest win between the two colleges. It was back in 1930 that the Broncos beat the Chips 54-0. How awesome would it be to see a win like that this weekend?

Looking forward to super game. If you are not headed to Waldo Stadium Saturday at 3:00 pm, you can catch the game on ESPN+.

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