Marshall Mathers, better well known as rapper Eminem, has had his fair share of controversy over the years. From jabs at President Trump, to his early controversial lyrical content, Em has never been one to keep quite for too long. Now you get to see the world through Eminem's eyes in a new documentary called 'Marshall From Detroit.' The film, which was made by Felix & Paul Studios, will be debuting it at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

According to VarietyThe 21 minute long 360-degree film, which has been directed by Caleb Slain, explores Detroit through the eyes of the rapper, who takes viewers on a nighttime car ride through his home town.
Co-Founder Paul Raphael elaborates: “Our studio has a history of using technology to tell stories in new, more immersive ways, to create experiences that are at the convergence of the intimate and the extraordinary. Marshall From Detroit’ is a sparkling expression of that, inviting you on a surreal ride through Detroit with Eminem himself.”

 Watch the trailer here(Video Contains Small Amount Of Adult Language):

I'm personally really excited for this film. I hope it's released soon after its debut.

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