The general consensus amongst the people I've talked to today is Super Bowl 53 was less than exciting, the commercials underwhelmed and what you thought of Adam Levine's performance hinges on whether you think he's hot or not.

Thanks to my son, I stumbled upon the Reddit hockey forum, and there I found more than a few funny lines to relieve the tedium. In fact, probably more funny than most of the commercials. If you're a hockey fan, you'll get some of the more inside humor, too.

“why is the ice green"? and "why aren't the refs calling too many men?" both from NiceHairBadTouch

“Why are there 4 periods? Because its a playoff game.“ - SaintAnarchist

“Another year, another final without a Canadian team. Thanks, Bettman” (a little inside) from v1be

“I hope this series goes 7 games” followed by a post game edit "I don't want seven games of that" - PaleGutCK

"The zamboni crew did a terrible job, there's literally grass growing!" - from someone named mylefthandkilledme

"What's the spread on Brady licking someone?" - byzantinebobby

"What good is a trophy you cant drink out of?" - courtesy of someone named Terrible Pigs

"Why are people saying that brady is the greatest of all time, he hasn't recorded a single goal or assist in his entire career" - flehpbeho

"These teams made it to finals only playing 16 games out of 82? Was it a lockout year or something?" - Fluorescent_Void

"Ah yes the Vegas Gladys Knights" -Ascent007

"Why is the game in a football stadium and the hawks aren't playing?" - lasroth

this guy wearing 99, seems so scandalous. -trem0lite

seems like a lot of pageantry for game 1

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