How many of us can say that they have the phone number of a famous person? Like a REAL famous person? I'll admit there are a few people in the music industry I've gotten closer to in the last few years, but more on a professional level than personal. But perhaps the biggest name in Hip Hop history and a Michigan music legend has just given us all his phone number, Kind of.

Sometime today on Spotify, Eminem is going to be hosting a listening party in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the multi-platinum selling "The Marshall Mathers LP." Eminem has released his phone number for you to call or text, at 313-666-7440 and is encouraging his fans to contact him, according to the Oakland Press.

For YEARS I was tormented by kids calling me while working at a radio station in Detroit, thanks to a recently defected radio host playing a prank on air, which then made its way to YouTube. This time around there will be no tricks. Once you text the number you'll be prompted to give a few basic pieces of information.

First when you text you'll get a response: "Yo its Em, hit the link to get added to my contacts, I'll be back for the plans for this week." 
After you fill out the info you get the response:
"Got your number saved. Now you'll have to hear from me...lucky you."

I tried it out and now I'm just gonna wait and see what happens from here.

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