From action heroes to singers and even a U.S. President, Michigan has turned out some of our nation's biggest celebrities.

It turns out that many of the celebrities we grew up watching, listening to, or rooting for may have grown up near us. I'm talking about huge stars like Robin Williams, Jeff Daniels, and Terry Crews.  Michigan has the biggest Detroit Lions fan and the best rapper in the world, Eminem.  But the Mitten State also gave birth to stars we would rather not claim like Steven Seagal and Ted Nugent.  There is one person this incredible list is missing.  Detroit Lions Defensive End Aidan Hutchinson.  This 23-year-old went to high school in Dearborn, college at U of M, and is now living his football dream as a key player for the Detroit Lions.  It's highly likely Hutchinson will become a household name outside of Michigan after this incredible football season comes to an end.

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Check out the list of celebrities in Michigan below in alphabetical order by first name.  Let us know on social media if we missed someone big.

42 Biggest Celebrities From Michigan

Side note: we need to update this list as Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith should be on it.  Who else did we miss?  Please, let us know in the comments.

Outside of the world of TV, Movies and music, there is another kind of celebrity.  It feels like a bad word but I'm speaking of 'influencers.'

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