By now I'm sure most if not all of you have seen the viral video that popped up over the weekend with a woman screaming obscenities in a New Haven Meijer. If you have not seen the video I'll include it in this blog, but it's not for laugh value. I think this is something that we as humans as a whole love to see and are quick to judge. "Crazy Jesus Lady Screams Swear Words In Meijer." Yay. Real creative. But let's get serious for a second. What if this woman had come back and done something terrible? What if this woman went home and did something terrible to herself? We don't need to indicate what those things are, but I'm assuming you can use your imagination to figure out what I'm trying to get across.

If you're un-aware of what I'm referencing, this is the video that has been making its rounds on Facebook:

I know we all have an elementary sense of humor when it comes to certain things. The fact she claims she's a woman of God makes religious people an easy target to criticism. But it doesn't matter what her base of argument was, there is something mentally wrong with this person. Morally, if you have no problem laughing at her and mocking her on Facebook, then you have no right to sympathize with unsuspecting members of the public community, or the person themselves, who could end up on the violent side of the negative emotions this woman is dealing with. These people aren't jokes. They deserve support and understanding.

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