The shopping season is here (I swear I just heard my wallet groan). If you're looking for something unique, something that'll stand out, or something for that friend that loves vintage items, good news!

The SW Michigan area is rich in vintage shops. So, even if you're not finding anything local to you, there are plenty of options nearby.

Here are at least 7 vintage shops in the SW Michigan area:

7 Vintage Shops in the SW Michigan Area

Perfect for that friend or loved one that loves vintage items, check out these shops in the SW Michigan area

If you'd rather shop from your couch, you can find some local vintage items on Etsy. Specifically, from Kalamazoo:

Vintage Newspaper Reveals How "Cheap" Things Used to Be in Kalamazoo

A resurfaced newspaper from 1975 shows just how "inexpensive" things were in Kalamazoo back in the day. Can you imagine if we still had these prices??

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