This may sound like a crazy thing, but there was a time, many many moons ago, where people could hang out with one another without the threat of killing them with an invisible virus. No kidding. These weren't people with special mutant abilities like in X-Men, these were regular every-day people like you and I. It was truly a magical time. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing people close together, and the amazing thing was, they didn't even need to wear a mask.

There were so many different types of gatherings. There were concerts, music festivals, malls, stores, gyms, movie theaters, grocery stores, and there were even people who you worked with that actually worked inside the same building as you, AT THE SAME TIME. Yes, it was a much simpler time back in the year 2019. It's been so long since there was any sense of normalcy that even though it was last year, it seems like eons.

Recently, rare photos have surfaced of people actually hanging out together; it's not a myth. These vintage relics show people being happy, a feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. It's a cool feeling we once possessed. In these pictures you will notice things that may not look familiar. There are these rows of white things where our masks usually are. Those are called teeth and they're used for all sorts of things.

We hope you can enjoy a stroll down memory lane to a simpler time in life in the hopes that one day, society can return to its roots:

Vintage Photos of People Hanging Out In Kalamazoo From 2019 Surface

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