In a cautionary tale that could have had a terrible ending, someone in the Vine neighborhood in Kalamazoo is urging people to lock their windows.

On Kalamazoo's Reddit page, a user by the name Balls_Eagle (these names kill me) shared a post that was titled, "Lock your windows!" They went on to describe a terrifying encounter where a man broke into their home by crawling through the unlocked kitchen window.

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The post went on to say that the man:

  • ate a bunch of random food
  • unplugged random electronics
  • opened all of the doors in the house for some reason
  • and then passed out on the couch

The man was discovered still sleeping on the couch when a roommate walked downstairs to get a glass of water.

The original poster went on to explain that they thought the man would run as soon as he was awoken but, instead, he sat on the couch talking about the differences between micro USB's and headphone jacks until the cops arrived.

While I'm jumping to conclusions, I would assume that this man either has an addiction problem or was suffering from a mental health crises. Thankfully, no one was injured and nothing was stolen (or at least nothing that was mentioned).  Regardless, this story could have gone a different way.

Break-ins are terrifying. They feel so invasive even if nothing is actually stolen. There are a few steps you can take to try to prevent break-ins at your home according to a Canadian insurance group The Co-operators:

  1. Lock your windows and doors at all times, even when leaving your home briefly
  2. Keep your windows covered and garage door locked to keep valuable items out of sight
  3. Don't announce vacation plans on social media

You can read all of the tips here.

As well, you can stay updated on local reported crimes on Kalamazoo's Crime Map. You can search by neighborhood, type of crime and more.

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