Yesterday was a fun day spent at Homer Stryker Field as a group of friends and myself hung out in the Bear Trap to watch the Kalamazoo Growlers take on the Wisconsin Woodchucks. The game, unfortunately, didn't go the Growlers way as they lost 12-9. The big moment of the game came when my friend T and I participated in the Dizzy bat Race during the middle of the 8th inning.

The object of the game is to spin around with your forehead on the end of a bat with the bat touching the ground. Then we each had to race to 1st and 3rd base respectively and grab our stuffed animal. T had the chicken and I had the unicorn. Once you grab your animal you have to hop back to home plate and tag the Growlers on field host to win. What culminated was a race for the ages which ended with me getting taken out at home plate. T took the win and I injured my elbow, but it was super funny to watch back. Thanks for the experience Growlers! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.


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