A terrifying scene took place in Lake Michigan in Michigan City, Indiana Monday.

A shocking moment unfolded Monday afternoon as a toddler drifted away from his parents on an inflatable duck in Lake Michigan.  As the man struggled to get to the boy you can see the inflatable duck flip over.  It's hard to watch as a parent.  But don't worry, the child is fine.

You'll notice in the video that heavy winds flipped the duck raft which sent the little boy into the water with only arm floaties to stop him from sinking.

Thankfully there was a boat nearby according to NBC Chicago,

Benjamin called to a nearby boat for help as he said the child started bobbing in the water, his hands “in the drowning posture.”

Thankfully, a woman in the boat heard the cries for help and jumped in with a life jacket to save the child.

This is a situation that could have ended with the loss of a small child and even beach goers attempting to save that child.  We're all very relieved that this story has a happy ending.

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