After arresting a Michigan man for driving on a suspended license, a police officer does the unthinkable. 

In a video that Detroit TV station WXYZ shared on youtube,

You can’t do that,” says Kevin Campbell on video captured inside the police lock-up on June 7, 2016.

“Yes, I can. Yes, I can,” says Allen Park Police Officer Daniel Mack.

“Why you putting your fingers in my [expletive]?? Why you feeling my [expletive],” says Campbell in the video.

“Cause you got [something] tucked into your [expletive],” said Mack.

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the officer in the video, Daniel Mack.

...Mack not only did not have a warrant, he is not a licensed medical professional. And Michigan law states both are necessary before a cop can legally probe a citizen’s anus, according to Campbell’s attorney, David Robinson.

WXYZ-TV Detroit obtained footage of the incident.  Below is their report with the footage.


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