Last week, people in Grand Haven came together to form a human chain to save a young boy's life.

Just yesterday, a Tiktok video came across my 'for you' page with the caption, "You know your from Michigan when human chains are formed to find drowning victims and they’re found alive" along with the hashtag 'Grand Haven'.

The clip is short but shows a number of people in two different areas of water linked arm in arm. As the video suggests, it was all to save a drowning victim who was found alive.

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The comments gave no other information about the incident however, I believe I found the accompanying article published by last week.

The boy, 11 years old, had been playing in the water at the Grand Haven beach on the afternoon of July 31st. However, rescuers were called after he had apparently disappeared and had not been seen for 20 minutes.

That's when Ottawa County Sheriff Department Marine Patrol responded and the human chain, in the video above, was formed in the hopes of finding the boy who was presumed to be drowning. While people in the human chain did not find him, he was found safe several hundreds yards down the beach, according to Police said he,

Lost track of time while playing in the surf.

Thank goodness for this happy ending. And what a wonderful display of compassion from dozens of strangers who dropped what they were doing to help find this child.

While this story has a happy ending, many others, unfortunately, don't. With over a dozen losses already this year, a new proposal may charge a $500 fine for those who ignore warning flags and swim in Lake Michigan during dangerous conditions. Read more below:

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