UPDATE AS OF 2:30 MONDAY 10/1/18:

The restaurant has posted an update showing pictures of a health inspection report from the health department showing they are clear of any bugs that may be in their food:

A video has surfaced on Facebook of what appears to be food from the Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant in Michigan with live maggots squirming in a dish of almond boneless chicken. Apparently a woman went for some food at the establishment located in Warren and discovered live worms in her food. In her post on Facebook she explains:

I was at dinner with my daughter at Wing Wah & just as we were about to eat we found bugs crawling in the almond boneless chicken. I am beyond disgusted and appalled! Three employees and the Manager came out and denied the allegation although the proof was on the plate & escorted us out. The health inspector needs to check into this place and see if they are up to code.

Nothing has been confirmed yet as to the allegations that this video was proof that the restaurant was responsible for the condition of the meal, however the costumer said that she has contacted Channel 7.