Severe weather is no joke, especially when there's a threat of a tornado and/or large hail.

Southwest Michigan was facing such a storm earlier this week (6/13/22). The forecast told residents to expect wind gusts up to 60mph, hail, and a possible tornado. While, thankfully, the storm seemed to weaken before any damage was done, it also provided a stunning view.

If you happened to peek out your window that night, you may have noticed a greenish hue to the sky mixed with what looked like bright blue and purple lightning. Once the threat of a tornado had passed, it was almost peaceful to watch. Speaking for myself, at least.

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Charlie Opalewski, of Vicksburg, seemed to be in the right place at the right time as he was able to capture a few breathtaking shots of the evening sky. While he originally posted these photos in the Facebook group, Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village, he gave me permission to use them for this article. No, these are not photoshopped:

Vicksburg Man Snags Stunning Photos of Recent Severe Storm

Monday night's storm brought lightning and high winds but provided quite a view.

In my very quick conversation with Charlie, I forgot to ask if he is a professional photographer. If he isn't, he should definitely consider it. Those photos are incredible. Especially the one of the truck with the lighting in the background.

Vicksburg, according to Charlie, experienced some rain, lots of thunder and lightning, but no real damage from the storm. Thank goodness.

This week's storm was basically the opening act to the major heat wave we're now experiencing. Wondering how to stay cool? Check out these tips:

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