If you would like to hug Tyrese Gibson, you better ask first!

Tyrese Gibson was performing at the Fox Theatre in Detroit last week when a fan got a tad too excited and jumped on the stage and charged him. Instead of a warm embrace by the artist, she got a hard shove. According to Hollywoodlife.com...

"He (Tyrese) had just finished up his set at the Valentine’s Love Jam set  and was winding things down, telling the screaming ladies in the audience how much he loved them. He then grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off his face and when he looked back up there was a female fan charging toward him!  The woman managed to almost get her arms around him, but Tyrese wasn’t having it. He quickly shoved her away with both hands."

The fan stumbled back and was instantly assisted by the security and escorted off stage. Tyrese seemed shocked buy the encounter and took a few seconds to compose himself. Once he realized that he was not in harm's way it was reported that...

 Tyrese put his open palm forward to the shocked audience in a “calm down, it’s okay” kind of gesture. He eventually moved forward and even greeted some of his adoring and screaming front row fans.

No word if the overzealous fan ended up meeting the star or not. And I think we all learned a lesson...don't startle Tyrese and in general, don't charge him.


Video of the incident...


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