With the recent snow storm that smacked us with over 10 inches of snow this past weekend in the Kalamazoo area, a lot of people were out shoveling their way out of their homes. Sometimes plow trucks do what they are paid and intended to do which is clear roads. However, sometimes clearing the roads may lead to build-up on or in front of driveways.

Shoveling snow from a part of your property back onto the roads is illegal according to Michigan law (section 257.677(a) of the Michigan Vehicle Code) which states, shoveling or plowing snow or ice onto any road or highway, or depositing snow on a road or road shoulder in such a way that it blocks motorists’ views of traffic is against the law.

Craig Bryson who is a spokesperson for the Oakland County Road Commission previously told WWJ Detroit:

All over town, people... either private contractors or businesses or in some cases, individuals will shovel their parking lots, driveways, et cetera, and push the snow back into the road. It can be a safety issue if people driving along don’t expect to have a bump or a pile or snow in their route. Secondly, if it’s severe enough, we have to go back and re-plow that section of road, which means our trucks can’t be somewhere else doing other important tasks.

This act is a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of $100 or up to three months in jail. So be safe and keep each other safe this winter.



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