After a house fire, two Guinness Book World Records cats are missing and their owners just want to find them.

In the early hours of  Sunday November 12, a fire broke out on Quaker Valley Lane in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The owners, Will and Lauren Powers, escaped the blaze, and were unable to locate the cats before they were over come with smoke.

The owners opened the doors in hopes that Arcturus, Cygnus, and a third cat escaped the devastation.

Mlive explained why and how special these cats are..

"Arcturus is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the tallest cat who ever lived at 20.1 inches. Cygnus is in the book for having the longest tail of any cat who ever lived at 17.5 inches. The cats had just appeared on the national talk show Pickler and Ben last week."

Owners are pleading for anyone in the 12 mile Farmington Road area to keep their eyes open for their beloved cats. All 3 cats are extremely friendly.

The couple escaped the fire with only the clothes they were wearing and the Red Cross is helping them out.

Will Powers says...

"You can support the family by making a donation to the Ferndale Cat Shelter where Arcturus was an ambassador for."

Praying for a safe return of the Powers fur babies!

A Video and Story of Arcturus and Cygnus...

Bonus Video


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