As most kids are enjoying there last 2 weeks of summer vacation, band students are working hard, it's 'Band Camp' time (yes, I know you are dying to say "one time at band camp"). You can thank Movie Moments for that flash back. Anywho, it is a full weeks' affair, dawn till dusk, and it is NOT easy! You are learning music, learning the formations and to top it all off it is usually done on a hot black top parking lot. Yet, it is also filled with seeing how far you can push yourself to greatness! Most people only see the band at halftime football games, but for many bands there are competitions. Some travel not only all over the state but all around the country. It's not as easy as it seems. Through my many years as a Band member I learned 5 great rules that I still live by today....

#5 Sitting at the back of the Bus is not as cool as it seems when you are a freshman (the back is reserved for seniors).

#4 You play as a team

#3 Never give up

#2 "Keep you heart on fire and your mind on ice" (unknown author of quote)

#1 "Early is on time, on Time is late!" (unknown author of quote)

Being a Band Geek really is cool!! I should know!

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