Five days ago, you might remember stories about people in the Kalamazoo area, in fact, all the way to Battle Creek, talking about a strange smell in the air. Well, that turned out be a major fire at a chicken and egg farm operation, Konos Farms, near Martin, owned by VandeBunte Egg company. The fire was so intense that the smoke was detected on weather radar.

While no human life was lost, approximately 300,000 chicken perished.

While some might scoff, or at the very least say it might be "too soon", PETA has jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of the disaster to promote veganism.

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in the release to promote the billboard, "Each of these birds was an individual who felt pain and fear as smoke and flames engulfed the barn. PETA urges everyone to practice kindness to sensitive birds—and pigs, cows, and other animals—by going vegan."

While PETA and it's goals are one in a long list of subjects that are polarizing our society, this could be an opportunity for dialogue. But that remains to be seen.





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