A lot of people are laughing and joking about the fact that Titanic 2 is going to be setting sail in 2022, re-sailing the course the Titanic originally sailed in 1912. But historically speaking, people from southwest Michigan planning to take the trip should make it home fine for a few reasons. First, because I really highly doubt anything bad is gonna happen on this trip. Secondly, the original Titanic had 9 people with links to southwest Michigan, and they all survived the wreck.

The haroldpalladium.com once reported on the 100 year anniversary of the sinking that 9 people from SWMI made it home safe. There were a total of 32 Michigan passengers aboard the Titanic, 13 of which died in the wreck. The Southwest Michigan passengers, who all survived, were: Nellie, Ruth, Richard and Marion Becker of Benton Harbor; Dickinson and Helen Bishop from the Dowagiac area; and George, Hannah, and Maria Touma, emigrants from Syria, who were on their way to a farm.

So if you're from SWMI, and you're planning on sailing Titanic 2, history and luck will most likely be with you on this historic trip.



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