Those who know me know that I am a fan of Star Wars. My dad introduced me to the franchise when I was a child and it was love at first sight. With that in mind, it's not surprising that this SW Michigan Tiktok-er caught my attention.

This is Hannah, a Vicksburg woman who goes by @hannah.emp on Tiktok. She has 47.6k followers most of which have been drawn to her very niche content. Hannah is a lightsaber spinner:

On her profile she shows off her collection of lightsabers:

As a Star Wars fan I hold no shame in saying that those lightsabers are gorgeous. Does she make them? Collect them? I reached out to Hannah to find out.

In her response she said,

I collect them! In June of 2020, I was going through a rough patch in my life and stumbled across someone on Tiktok who spun lightsabers and I was SO shocked that people even made ones that actually light up that aren't the retractable ones you find at Walmart. I've been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid. I started spinning as a way to relieve stress (even though it gets intense sometimes trying to learn new moves). They're just a hobby I took up to cope with stuff that happened last year and turned it into a fun past time that's helped me find an amazing community on Tiktok.

This is the thing that is so incredible to me about Tiktok. Is the app problematic in certain ways? It definitely can be. But, like with Hannah, it also has the potential to connect you with thousands of people that share your passions.

Check out Hannah's evolution as a lightsaber spinner:

She even does tutorials to help out fellow lightsaber spinners:

As for her future (she's just graduated from high school) she says she's looking into becoming a pharmacy technician and hopes to start her schooling this year.

Navigating the world and finding your place is never easy but, man, I do not envy the newly graduated as they set out to try to find a stable career in a world that's in the middle of a pandemic. I wish you the best of luck, Hannah! And keep spinning those lightsabers!

By the way, when asked what her favorite Star Wars film is she said her ALL TIME fav is Empire Strikes Back with Revenge of the Sith as a close 2nd. Again, you can follow Hannah @hannah.emp on Tiktok.

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