If you like TikTok, but you love WitchTok, you'll want to check out this Southwest Michigan TikToker.

Liss Edminister A.K.A. @lissaedmin on Tiktok currently has 27.6 thousand followers and 257.2 total video likes.

The most popular video on Liss's TikTok was filmed in a Marshall, Michigan cemetery.  This creepy old tree serves as a monument for where a witch was allegedly burned alive back in 1872.  This video has been viewed over 586 thousand times since it was uploaded nearly a year ago.

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The second most viewed video for @lissaedmin on TikTok was filmed at a local Home Goods when she found a treasure trove of spooky items.  This video has been viewed over 405 thousand times.  I think Home Goods should be hooking her up for the free advertising.

Liss did a multi-part series on a haunted cemetery in Plainwell, Michigan that pulled in a ton of views.  I'm highlighting part 3 below about the haunted dog because that video raked in over 285 thousand views.  If you're into haunted videos I encourage you to click thru and watch the series.


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