She's a singer however, it seems to be her brand of comedy that keeps people coming back.

Meet Hannah aka @hannahfaithstevens on TikTok. Born and raised in Battle Creek, Hannah currently has 41.9 thousand followers and 196.4 thousand total video likes on the popular video social media app.

Let's start with Hannah's most viewed video.  She clearly gets asked the question, "how tall are you," all of the time.  With that being said, she covers her height of 4'8" in many of her videos.  In this video that has been viewed over 209 thousand times, she highlights being a 24-year-old that can pass as a kid.

One of my personal favorites is a very short and simple dad joke.  this video has been viewed over 33 thousand times.


Hannah shows her favorite local news moment and got nearly 60,000 views out of it.  Side note: did they really say that only WWMT Channel 3?  That is hilarious.


Then there's this duet that starts out as a Christmas song but turns into more of an anthem for arsonists.  It escalates quickely.


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