This is by far the best "What The Trash" moment of the week so far. As Malachi Caley was driving the other day on Portage St, he noticed a curtain prehistoric figure standing on the corner with a sign. It was someone in T-Rex costume. He wasn't sure exactly what they were doing until he pulled up next to them. It was then when he was able to read the sign it was holding, which read: "Extinction Sucks!! #STAYHOME."

Photo Used By Permission from Malachi Caley
Photo Used By Permission from Malachi Caley

I have to tip my hat to both Malachi and the dino. Malachi for having the quick thinking to snap the picture, and the dino for sacrificing it's own well-being to deliver a strong message to the good people of Kalamazoo. Dinosaurs were killed off over 65 Million years ago when an asteroid collided with the earth in the Yucatan Peninsula. At least one had the the bravery and courage to make it this far to help us.

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