I'm always astounded by all the cool roadside sculptures and attractions that are spread all over Michigan, but this one generally confused me. In Daggett, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula there is a spot where apparently a roadside sculpture of a cow must have been cow-called... "Show us your teats!" The driveway display includes a cow which is flashing people like it's Mardi Gras , a cow made up to look like a waiter, and a self-garnishing hot dog man. So...I got questions.

First off I'm generally confused why and how this is even a thing. What's even more odd is that it's at the end of a driveway at N9273 US Hwy 41 in front of the Tom Wangerin Excavating Company. The Tom Wangerin Excavating Company has been in the business of Excavation Work since 1971 and it seems a little odd that this is the first thing people see when they get to your address. At the same time, you gotta' imagine it's a great way to draw people in, which is exactly what it's done. Quite a few people have shared their experience with the cow.

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Naughty Cow Statue

We loved the naughty cow! We also enjoyed the cow waiter and the hot dog while we were there.
[Perfect Pair, 07/06/2013]

Big Bovine

Collection of hilarious statues, the largest of which is a big cow in a typical "Mardi Gras" pose. They are actually at the end of someone's long driveway and serve as advertisement for their business, "Tom Wangerin Excavating Inc."

I'm convinced these statues have done way more good than bad for Tom.

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