I wasn't lucky enough to enjoy The Milham Park Zoo before it finally closed down in 1977. A recent picture that was posted to a Facebook page made me feel nostalgic, wishing we could enjoy the zoo again.

Facebook David Bell
Facebook David Bell

He posted this picture saying: "The Milham Park bears in the bear pit.
They REALLY knew how to work a crowd, didn't they?
With the concession stand nearby my grandmother and uncle who ran it were selling bags of peanuts constantly. It was so much fun to be a little kid throwing peanuts at bears. Those were some of my fondest memories from childhood."

The zoo had a sad ending according to kpl.gov qouting: "By the mid-1970s, the exhibits (at the zoo) had dwindled to a few bears, raccoons and monkeys. Finally, only the bears were left, and they fell prey to sadistic vandals. Although most park patrons enjoyed watching the creatures, others abused the bears by throwing them lighted cigarettes when they begged for food or by throwing rocks at them. The bears often cut their paws on broken glass from bottles thrown into the pit. Peacocks were stoned to death. By 1977, only one aged lame bear was left, and he was put to sleep. Despite its sad end, the zoo provided enjoyment for park-goers for nearly half a century."

I would love to see Kalamazoo get their zoo back. Would you like to see it return?

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