How much does a family have to suffer? In November of 2015, Tammi and Jason Carr lost their son Chad to brain cancer. Now somebody's robbed their home and stolen their memories.The Carr family was in Florida on vacation last week. They came back to a home that was broken into and robbed. One of the things stolen, a fireproof safe, that contained external hard drives filled with photographs and videos; many of them of their son Chad.

Tammi Carr quoted in the Detroit News,

“I don’t care about the car or anything besides Those hard drives!!!” Tammi Carr wrote. “...No questions asked, we just want those memories back!!! Please if you know anything, or you find anything, please do the right thing. Those pictures and videos are all we have left of our son. Please!!!!”

The News story suggests calling the Pittsfield Township Police or the Public Safety tip line at (734) 822-4958.

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