It's so awesome to see people in the community to come together, wisely, to do something really cool for a little girl in Paw Paw. Maggie is a 6 year old who lives in Paw Paw and recently, members of nearby communities came together and did a drive by parade for her birthday, since she was unable to gather with her friends. People from Lawton, Mattawan, and Paw Paw drove their vehicles by in grand fashion to help her celebrate her big day. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE. The caption read:

"Some thoughtful friends surprised our 6 year old birthday girl Maggie with a drive by parade today since we are not able to have a birthday party right now. It definitely got the happy tears going (33rd St). Participants from Paw Paw, Lawton, and Mattawan making the day so special." Shout out to everyone who helped bring this girl some happiness on her birthday!

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