A local organization is trying to help people in these two Kalamazoo tent camps stay warm during these cold winter months.

Leander Rabe of the Kalamazoo Coalition for the Homeless recently paid a visit to a couple homeless tent camps where he took the photos you see on this page.  The Kalamazoo Coalition for the Homeless is a local organization working to find a long-term solution for people in need like this according to their facebook page,

Bringing individuals and organizations together to coordinate efforts, increase impact, and empower change among the unhoused population in Kalamazoo.

He posted the pictures to not only draw awareness to this issue but also raise money to help our homeless population in Kalamazoo.  They would like to purchase socks, sleeping bags, sterno cooking cans, firewood among other essential items for the over 150 homeless people living in these two camps according to their GoFundMe,

Michigan winters can be brutal and the temperatures are already falling. We are hoping to build long-term sustainable solutions but that won't matter if people are frozen.

Photo courtesy of Leander Rabe
Photo courtesy of Leander Rabe

Over the past week 102 people have donated $9,105 (as of Monday, December 14th at 3:47am.)  They are almost at their goal of $10,000.

It's easy for many of us to forget that their are people out in the freezing cold ever night here in Kalamazoo as we are all so laser focused on the Pandemic and politics.  You can get more info on how you can make an impact that could change the lives of many people here in Southwest Michigan and learn more about the Kalamazoo Coalition for the Homeless by clicking here.

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