The simplest explanation is that one of the girls has no legs, right? Well if you think that's the answer, surely you haven't spent much time on the internet -- we World Wide Web residents will spend hours, days dissecting the latest optical illusion that pops up online. Remember that dress that was either blue-and-black or white-and-gold, depending on who you asked?

In this case, a photo was uploaded to Reddit (the source of much web intrigue) with the headline "Find the middle girl's legs" -- and indeed, looking at the pic you might ask that very question. The two girls on the left have two sets of legs beneath them, the same is true of the three girls on the right -- or is all of that wrong? Is there a missing pair of legs hiding somewhere in there? Is one girl sticking her legs into the couch cushions?

Multiple sites have already analyzed the photo in depth -- and we'll let you explore those at your discretion -- but we think it's even more fun to figure it out for yourself. There is an answer to this internet illusion. You just need to look carefully.

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