Southwest Michigan is ready for Cross Country Skiing, are you?

If you have never cross country skied you are missing out! I grew up skiing and seriously cherish the memories of fun times with family and friends, I encourage anyone to try and beat the winter blues without a little fun (and cross country  skiing is FUN)!

If you are looking to get out of the house and avoid cabin fever, here are a few tips from to help you slide into a new activity this winter...

Step 1 · Get Fit for the Trails

Jogging, cycling and other endurance sports are a good way of preparing for cross-country skiing. Balance and stretching exercises are very useful.


Step 2 · Find the Right Cross-Country Ski Area (here are a few great places here in the Kalamazoo area)

Step 3 · Skating or Classic? A Question of Style

There are two main techniques or 'styles' in cross-country skiing: Classic and Skating. It is a good idea to choose which one you want to learn before you start.

If my opinion matters I recommend that you start with 'Classic' and advance to skating when you become more comfortable on the 'sticks'.

Step 4 · The Right Equipment: Buy or Rent?

If you're not yet sure whether cross-country skiing is the right sport for you, we recommend that you hire your equipment.


Step 5 · There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather – Just Bad Clothing

"Not too warm, not too cold" is the basic philosophy behind the often difficult art of choosing the right clothing for cross-country skiing. Almost more important is the type of clothes you wear: breathable sportswear, Windstopper jackets and fleece jumpers are ideal, combined with long ski underwear. Cotton should be avoided as it absorbs moisture rather than transporting it away from your skin. Clothing, including gloves, should be tight but comfortable. It is also a good idea to bring an extra pullover to put on while you are taking a break.

I hope that you step outside your comfort zone and try something new this winter. Trust me, once you start skiing you won't want to stop!

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