What tattoo does Michigan get more than any other state? And why would it make people mad? It is the Ohio State logo or something? Sparty or Wolverine tats?

Nope. It's something that people seem to fight about even more so than their allegiance to college sports team...

It's political.

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Now, I think no matter which political figure was Michigan's top tattoo, it would make people on the other side mad, especially given the political climate the last five years or so. So say if Michiganders were getting Donald Trump tattoos, there would be folks who wouldn't love that...

But no, that's actually Mississippi's top tattoo. And in Pennsylvania, they're getting Bernie tats.

So, according to Zippia.com, which analyzed Google trends to figure out which tattoo each state is getting more than other states, Michigan's top tattoo is...

President Joe Biden.

Even though there are people who won't be thrilled by that, and getting ANY political figure tattooed on your person seems weird to me, others states have tattoos that are pretty out there...

Arizona gets Shia LaBeouf tattoos. Is he from there or something? No, no he isn't.

Washington gets fly tattoos.

And then there's Texas. Now, Texas is getting a tattoo that might even make sense to be Michigan's top tat... given that ICP is from Michigan... Yes, Texans gets Juggalo tattoos.

Now, some states are sticking with the old standards, that some might mock for being cliché:

  • Georgia gets dolphin tattoos.
  • In Illinois the top tat is barbed wired.
  • Floridians are still rocking the Ying Yang tat.

No regerts? (Always makes me think of the below Milky Way commercial, btw...)

That's Oklahoma. Well, spelled correctly -- "No Regrets" -- I mean, I'm assuming, but Zippia doesn't actually specify that...

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