It’s been months since I have seen them around. I was joking on the air that around the end of November they just disappeared and I think we all know why! Well heading home yesterday as I was just getting ready to pull onto Jennings Drv., and there they were. It looked like there are even more of them now.

In case you don’t know, these little gobblers have been hanging around the radio station for years. It was hard to concentrate on what was going on during the show because there would be up to 20 of them running across the parking lot and the window right in front of me.

Looks like they are not going anywhere else so it is time we give this group, gang, party, herd, squad, whatever you want to call them, a name!

Here is what I can up with.

  • The Poultry Patrol
  • Gobble Gang
  • The Fowl Squad

What should we call them?

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