Remember Psy "Gangnam Style?"  Psy is back with a music video that is sure to go world wide in a big way.

A quick refresher.

3 years ago Psy released "Gangnam Style" on YouTube.  To say it blew up would be the understatement of the century.  This wasn't your typical "Macarena" or "Who Let The Dogs Out" novelty.  This was global.

In fact, "Gangnam Style" has 2.5 Billion views to date.  Yes, Billion with a "B."

Psy released a new music video called "Daddy."  As of 8 AM December 1st, this video has 4.8 Million views.  By the way, the video has been up for 1 day.

This thing is going to be huge!  Check it out and tell us what you think on the KFR FaceBook.


In case you do not still have "Gangnam Style" stuck in your head.  Here you go.

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