Why do people keep running down the very dangerous Sleeping Bear Dunes?  Running down Sleeping Bear Dunes could cost you in more ways than one.  Here's why.

Sleeping Bear Dunes can be found near Traverse City, Michigan near the pinky of the mitten.  Sleeping Bear Dunes has been a National Park for over 50 years receiving between 2 - 3 million visitors a year.  Some of these visitors think it would be fun to run down the dunes only to find out they've made a terrible decision.

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Run Down Sleeping Bear Dunes

#5 Hot Sand.  Enough said.

#4 It's really, really high.  At its highest point, it is 500 feet from top to bottom.  People don't realize just how steep the drop is until it's too late.  Your momentum will pick up speed far faster than your legs can run.  The end result of that is funny to watch, but doesn't feel great and is super dangerous.

#3 You don't have the legs of Barry Sanders in 1991.  Walking 500 feet up a nearly 90-degree angle hill in hot sand may be the hardest thing you've ever done in your life.

#2 You're not special.  Hundreds of people a year get stuck every year and need to be rescued.

#1 You can't afford it.  Getting rescued from the bottom of Sleeping Bear Dunes will cost you $3,000

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