We all imagine the perfect photo of Santa and our kids, but that doesn't happen as often as we would hope.

It may sound cruel, but I get a giggle out of kids that lose it when when they visit Santa. He is the "man of the year" in many kids eyes, yet when they have the chance to hang with Kris, they are overwhelmed and scared. I asked Southwest Michigan to send me their photos of their children visiting Mr. Claus, and the result made my belly jiggle like a bowl full of jelly!

Check them out!

But why do kids, who love Santa so much, get so upset when they met him? Emma Citron, consultant clinical psychologist claims...

 Santa’s famous outfit plays a part. ‘Younger children don’t tend to like dressing up, so when confronted with a fat man with a big white beard, they often can’t see behind the costume.

I get it, an older man with a hidden face asking me to sit on his lap would be a tad frightening (of course I have had worse dates then that).

I can't thank everyone enough for sharing their family photos. I know that in future years many kids will become young adults and these treasured photos will be great to show the new loves of their lives (a little embarrassment never harmed anyone, right Mom's?).

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