We are 15 Days away from Christmas and I feel it necessary to throw some awesome holiday movie ideas out there for everybody and to see what you think of my favorite films of all time. If you watch one of these movies each night, it'll be Christmas by the end.  Let the countdown begin!

15. Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas- I loved watching this as a kid and still do. It takes me back to that early 90's feeling, which I miss dearly.

14. Just Friends- (NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL CHILDREN)Ryan Reynolds finally won me over with this performance. This movie is hilarious and although its main story isn't centered around Christmas, the entire movie takes place over the holiday season. That's good enough for me.

13. The Santa Clause- This Tim Allen classic is a great film. Not only for its substance, but because may help kids who are struggling over the holidays over having parents who are separated. It's never an easy thing, this movie has a lot of heart.

12. Elf- This is easily one of the funnest Christmas movies of all time. It's actually really comical and has a slew of amazing actors and actresses.

11. Frosty The Snowman- You can't beat this Christmas classic from 1969.

10. Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas- This is an all-time classic and one of my personal favorite works from Dr. Seuss. The remake in 2000 was also an awesome film as well.

9. A Charlie Brown Christmas- If you didn't grow up watching this holiday classic, I feel bad for you. The message and story from this film will always stay with me.

8. A Christmas Story- Sad to say this was never one of my favorites growing up. But you can't deny how funny and perfect this film is. It's truly timeless in the sense that it speaks to the older generations while still reaching the younger audience. One of the best no doubt.

7. Mickey's Christmas Carol- This one is selective to me because I grew up with a Christmas mix VHS tape my parents made for us growing up. I always enjoyed the way Disney did this short film made in 1986.

6. Home Alone- You can't argue that this isn't one of the best holiday films and a true break out film for many actors. This movie will always make me laugh and take me back to the early 90's.

5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation- This is one of those almost R-rated films your parents let you watch as a kid because the humor speaks to the family. The entire cast is a character of their own and they produce a stellar Christmas film that will always be one of the greats.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas- This film was Tim Burton's masterpiece and still stands as one his greatest creations to date. Taking two holidays who couldn't be any more different and turning it into one film that can be celebrated on Halloween or Christmas. That's the work of a genius.

3. Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer- This all-time classic still stands as one of the greatest Christmas stories for kids. I love how it teaches children to break away from social norms and shows them how by working towards your dream, you can accomplish anything you truly love and want to do. It still speaks to me.

2. Eight Crazy Nights- (NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN) This one is way out of left field. This film is actually about Hanukkah and is an animated film created by Adam Sandler. This movie is so friggin' funny. But as grotesque and silly as it is, it still has a lot of heart and can be helpful to those who have suffered loss through the holidays. This movie will make you laugh until it hurts. Check it out.

1. A Muppet Christmas Carol- This is not only my favorite version of the film but my favorite Muppet and Christmas movie of all time. Michael Caine is a phenomenal actor and does the best portraiture of Ebenezer Scrooge of all time. He truly makes you believe that the story and setting are real, even though he works with a bunch of muppets. When a movie can take you out of the living room and make you feel a part of the film, that's when you know you did a good job. You feel his pain, sorrow, happiness, and fear through the music and scenes. It takes you to places other Christmas carol films have never gone. This movie always gets to me. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this great film.

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