The YWCA of Kalamazoo has always fought against domestic violence and violence against woman now they are doing even more!

The YWCA of Kalamazoo now has an Anti-Trafficking Program! If you are not familiar with the program, the Anti-Trafficking Program supports survivors of human trafficking.

According to there were 122 reported cases of sex trafficking in the
state of Michigan. Overall our state had the eighth highest number of human trafficking reports in the United States.

Now our YWCA, is doing incredible things for survivors of human trafficking! According to the Anti-Trafficking Program...

Supports survivors of human trafficking from their emergency-immediate needs to future safety plans. YWCA Kalamazoo is this only provider of comprehensive services for both sex and labor trafficking survivors, including men, women, and gender non-conforming people in the State of Michigan. Program components include case management, shelter, therapeutic servicesSexual Assault Nurse Exams, and legal advocacy.

How sad that we need a program like Anti-Trafficking, and thank the stars we have such an amazing place like the YWCA. Once again, the YWCA is saving lives in our community!

If you need help, you can call the 24-hour hotline for Sexual Assaults at 269-385-3587.

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