Update: This was NOT taken by Smoked Down. There is another page from Southern California showing they made the mask. You can see them making them in the video. STILL, someone in Kalamazoo make me a bacon mask.

There's been a picture making its rounds around social media featuring someone who made a protective mask out of one of the most unlikely things imaginable. The now well known "Bacon Mask" I'm sure would do well to protect your health, but at least you could chomp on it while wearing it. People tend to take a picture and share them on their own instead of using the "share" button on Facebook. It seems that happened in Kalamazoo, from a great local restaurant.

Smoked Down BBQ on on-site catering company based in Kalamazoo and they wanted to have a little fun while being cooped up. Many people saw the post they made on Facebook and instantly demanded a dozen during these hungry times. Smoked Down BBQ prepares all of its food fresh at the location of service. They were also 3rd place winners at 2015 Kalamazoo Ribfest for Best Ribs. Now, they need to become winners of most delicious mask and cook up some of these.

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