Halloween Candy has changed since I was kid.

Back in the day neighbors would pass out apples, popcorn balls and homemade treats. Now days any thing that is not mass produced and packaged it hits the trash. Yet even many of those treats are disposed of because they "look suspicious" .

So instead of sending your kids out on a chilly October night to beg for candy, why not buy them this safe little game. It's called 'Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jelly Beans'.  This is a crazy game that you play with friends. According to JellyBelly.com...

"The black Licorice bean looks exactly like the Skunk Spray bean! Sweet, luscious Caramel Corn might also be Moldy Cheese. You may think you're tasting our world-famous Buttered Popcorn bean, but what you'll be biting into could actually be Rotten Egg. The only way to find out what beans you're getting is to eat them! "

What kid would not love playing this game? Jelly Belly has a number of version of the game to choose from as well.

Here is a thought; I would love to see Dana and Tess play this game!


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