The Michigan Senate may not free the hens, at least not yet.

The standards were set and Michigan was ready to update the animal industry laws by literally freeing the birds and pigs. Giving them room to reproduce and have a good life.

That will not happen now as The Detroit News is reporting the sad news that a divided Michigan Senate on Thursday passed an update of the state’s animal industry law, including a proposed delay of a requirement that chickens and pigs be given more room in their cages and stalls.

This would means farmers would not have to comply until October 2025 for hens and next April for pregnant pigs under one of the measures that was sent to the House for consideration.

That is close to 6 years of waiting for better conditions for farm animals. Sen. Kevin Haley, a Republican from Lum in Lapeer County, said that Michigan ranks sixth nationally in shell egg production. Due to that some believe that Michigan needs to stay competitive in the egg retail business, and upgrades could hurt the business. The good news reported by the Detroit News is this...

The Michigan Allied Poultry Industries said farmers are spending millions of dollars to transition to cage-free hen houses. About 8.5 million, or 56%, of hens currently live cage-free. An additional 1 million, or 6%, will be cage-free by the end of 2020, according to the group.

There are good things occurring, just not on the time schedule we thought.

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