The Broozy Broads found the best cheese is West Michigan (if not the world), but that's not all. We found a great atmosphere, some great food, and a rich history.  We found Schuler's in Marshall, a destination to truly enjoy!

I grew up with Schuler's Cheese being served on the holidays (it was the "fancy" cheese and we LOVED it). Tess Taylor had never had the opportunity to try Schuler's cheese so we grabbed our wine glasses and headed out to this gem of a restaurant.

Little did I know that Schuler's Restaurant is over 100 years old and still going strong! Here are some great tidbits of history regarding the eatery...

  • In 1909 Albert Schuler, Sr opens a combination cigar store and restaurant in Marshall.
  • In 1924 Albert purchased the Royal Hotel and Restaurant in Marshall and names it "The Schuler".
  • In 1947 the bowling alley (yes, a bowling alley in the restaurant) was converted into a dining room.
  • In 1952 Schuler's Bar-Scheeze is introduced in the restaurant and the bar.
  • In 1968 Hans Schuler refines the secret Bar-Scheeze formula and introduces it in supermarkets.
  • 1971 the orginal hotel rooms upstairs are closed.
  • 1977 Schulers restaurant is proclaimed a Michigan Historical Landmark Site.
  • 1993 a new bakery is constructed so that all breads, crackers, rolls, deserts could be made "in house".
  • 1996 Heritage Cheese Spread (a little taste of heaven if you ask me) created in Schuler's kitchens and offered to all guests as they arrive at their table.
  • 2009 Schuler's Restaurant and Pub celebrates their 100 year anniversary.

On arrival you are greeted with grand history and wonderful hospitality. The vestibule is filled with photo's from the past. One moment you are looking at a picture of Sparky Anderson, the next second you are viewing the dish washing staff from many moons ago.

Sparky Anderson is not the only famous person to grace this lovely venue. For years Big Ten coaches and teams stopped by eatery. Besides the great food and personal attention, they popped by because Marshall was often referred to as "Crossroads of the Big Ten". If you are wondering who is on this list, here are a few...

  • Duffy Daughtery
  • Biggie Munn
  • Bump and Pete Elliott
  • Ara Parshegian
  • Bo Schembechler
  • Don Carhau
  • George Perles
  • Mark Dantonio

The list goes on and on, I highly recommend you stop by the restaurant and check out all the cool photo's!

Over the years, many people found their way to Schuler's. According to there web-site...

"During World War II, injured military men and women who were sent to Percy Jones Hospital in Battle Creek heard about Schuler’s. It became standard practice for the patients to come to the restaurant at some point during their recovery. Some of the more famous patients included Gene Autry and Bob Dole."

If you come through the door that supplies you with a ramp (for those with trouble getting around), you are surrounded by larger then life drawings of Charles Dickens character's.

Once you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by the hostess and are instantly attracted to the shop, that features fresh backed good, cheese, baseball caps, mugs, jams...the list goes on and one!

Once seated, either in the restaurant or pub, you are in for a treat. The food is amazing and people even better. Eating at Schuler's is a complete evening, food, history, and a relaxed place to simply be!

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