Cheese has to be the ultimate food. I can substitute meat products for the soy and vegetarian options, like Morningstar no problem. But you just can't replace cheese. They just haven't mastered the art yet. But what do you do when someone hands you a massive log of cheese for being a good customer? Freeze that bad boy! That cheese will stay fresh for weeks. One customer was awarded just such a thing, after she dropped over $100 at her favorite deli located in Holland.

New Leaf Deli is located at 897 Washington Ave, Holland, MI, and after one of their loyal customers, Jenny Hughes dropped over $100 there, they decided to reward her with a very generous amount of cheese. For real, they gave her an entire log of cheese that's almost half the size of her daughter. In a FB Post she described the gift:

So my favorite sandwich shop in Holland, Michigan gave me a HUGE log of provolone cheese when we dropped $100 there the other day. We love provolone, but besides sandwiches and some Philly cheesesteaks I don’t really know what to do with it. PLEASE help with some ideas and recipes. I shop mostly at Aldi, but I don’t mind if I have to hit up a Meijer or Walmart for some other ingredients.

First off, even though this gift may seem silly, I KNOW how much these Provolone logs go for, and this was a rather generous gift. My suggestion is to make some broccoli provolone soup and freeze it. If you're looking to give some away, I'm your huckleberry.

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